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Kubernetes Networking

  1. Introduction
  2. TCP Keep Alive Requests
  3. NetworkPolicy
  4. Nginx Ingress Controller
  5. Contour Ingress Controller
  6. Kubernetes Gateway API
  7. Kube-proxy
  8. Multicloud communication for Kubernetes
  9. Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Networking
  10. Kubernetes Network Policy
    1. Cilium
    2. Kubernetes Network Policy Samples
  11. Kubernetes Ingress Specification
  12. Xposer Kubernetes Controller To Manage Ingresses
  13. Software-Defined IP Address Management (IPAM)
  14. CNI Container Networking Interface
    1. List of existing CNI Plugins (IPAM)
    2. Project Calico
  15. DNS Service with CoreDNS
  16. Kubernetes Node Local DNS Cache
  17. k8gb
  18. Images
  19. Videos
  20. Tweets


TCP Keep Alive Requests


Nginx Ingress Controller

Contour Ingress Controller

Kubernetes Gateway API


Multicloud communication for Kubernetes

Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Networking

Kubernetes Network Policy


Kubernetes Network Policy Samples

  • ahmetb/kubernetes-network-policy-recipes 🌟 Example recipes for Kubernetes Network Policies that you can just copy paste. This repository contains various use cases of Kubernetes Network Policies and sample YAML files to leverage in your setup. If you ever wondered how to drop/restrict traffic to applications running on Kubernetes, this is for you

Kubernetes Ingress Specification

Xposer Kubernetes Controller To Manage Ingresses

  • Xposer 🌟 A Kubernetes controller to manage (create/update/delete) Kubernetes Ingresses based on the Service
    • Problem: We would like to watch for services running in our cluster; and create Ingresses and generate TLS certificates automatically (optional)
    • Solution: Xposer can watch for all the services running in our cluster; Creates, Updates, Deletes Ingresses and uses certmanager to generate TLS certificates automatically based on some annotations.

Software-Defined IP Address Management (IPAM)

  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • Software-Defined IP Address Management (IPAM)
    • Cloud computing and service automation are changing the way in which applications and data are being delivered and consumed. The existing 30-year-old networking model is failing to keep up with the automated service architectures and the Internet of Things (IoT) based on end-to-end automation.
    • To facilitate the migration to cloud-era computing, service providers and data centers must add networking into the automated service workflows. This requires agility and elasticity that traditional networking products are not designed to provide. As IT environments of tomorrow involve a plethora of orchestrators and controllers spinning up services and applications inside shared networks, they all must be managed and provisioned by a unified solution authoritative for all network-related information.

CNI Container Networking Interface

List of existing CNI Plugins (IPAM)

kubernetes sdn solutions

Project Calico

DNS Service with CoreDNS

Kubernetes Node Local DNS Cache



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