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Introduction. From Java EE To Cloud Native. Microservice Architecture. Openshift VS Kubernetes


microservices infographic

you dont need kubenetes

sw consumers

Transform Legacy Java Apps to Microservices with automation tools

Namespaces for Data Structuring

From SysAdmin to Architect

Raft Consensus Algorithm

  • The Raft Consensus Algorithm 🌟 etcd is a β€œdistributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system”. It uses the Raft consensus algorithm which was designed to be easy to understand, to scale, and to operate. The protocol and the etcd implementation were very quickly adopted by large distributed systems like Kubernetes, large distributed databases or messaging frameworks, where consensus and strong consistency is a must.


Modular Monolith

From Java EE To Cloud Native

Monolith to Microservices Using the Strangler Pattern

Openshift VS Kubernetes

Career Path

Full Stack Developer’s Roadmap

Software Development Models

Software Development Tools

vFunction. A system to transform monolithic Java applications into microservices

Multi Cloud

Openshift SaaS VS Kubernetes SaaS

Openshift VS Kubernetes

Kubernetes on its own is not enough

how mature is your microservices architecture