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AWS Messaging Services

AWS SNS and SQS. Amazon Simple Notification Service and Amazon Simple Queue Service

  • Getting started with SNS and SQS
  • Limits in Amazon SQS
  • Amazon SQS FAQs
  • The Simple Notification Service, or SNS for short, is one of the central services to build serverless architectures in the AWS cloud. SNS itself is a serverless messaging service that can distribute massive numbers of messages to different recipients. These include mobile end-user devices, like smartphones and tablets, but also other services inside the AWS ecosystem.
  • SNS’ ability to target AWS services makes it the perfect companion for AWS Lambda. If you need custom logic, go for Lambda; if you need to fan out messages to multiple other services in parallel, SNS is the place to be.
  • [Infographic] AWS SNS from a serverless perspective


AWS EventBridge


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