Awesome Kubernetes: CI/CD for Microservices with Openshift and Jenkins (Software Delivery Pipeline) Awesome

Container with cars A curated list of awesome references collected in 2018. Microservices architectures rely on DevOps practices, automation, CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery), and API—focused designs.

openshift videos jenkins videos

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction. Openshift VS Kubernetes
  2. CI/CD
  3. Docker
  4. Kubernetes
  5. Openshift 🌟🌟🌟
  6. Jenkins 😀
  7. Toolchain
  8. Configuration Management
  9. Dev Environment
  10. APIs and RESTful Architecture
  11. Public Cloud Solutions
  12. E-Learning
  13. Customer Success Stories 🌟
  14. Newsfeeds