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Argo Declarative GitOps for Kubernetes

  1. Introduction
  2. Argo CD
  3. Argo CD Vulnerabilities
  4. Argo CD Tools
  5. Argo Rollouts
  6. Argo Workflows
  7. Videos


Argo CD

Argo CD Vulnerabilities

Argo CD Tools

  • argoproj-labs/argocd-autopilot: Argo-CD Autopilot The Argo-CD Autopilot is a tool which offers an opinionated way of installing Argo-CD and managing GitOps epositories. New users to GitOps and Argo CD are not often sure how they should structure their repos, add applications, promote apps across environments, and manage the Argo CD installation itself using GitOps. Argo Autopilot is a project that solves that
  • argoproj-labs/applicationset: Argo CD ApplicationSet Controller The ApplicationSet controller is a Kubernetes controller that adds support for a new custom ApplicationSet CustomResourceDefinition (CRD). The ApplicationSet controller manages multiple Argo CD Applications as a single ApplicationSet unit, supporting deployments to large numbers of clusters, deployments of large monorepos, and enabling secure Application self-service.
  • IBM/argocd-vault-plugin An ArgoCD plugin to retrieve secrets from Hashicorp Vault and inject them into Kubernetes secrets.
  • argoproj-labs/argocd-vault-plugin ArgoCD-Vault-plugin is an Argo CD plugin to retrieve secrets from various Secret Management tools (HashiCorp Vault, IBM Cloud Secrets Manager, AWS Secrets Manager, etc.) and inject them into Kubernetes resources -

Argo Rollouts

Argo Workflows


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